For over 50 years Brummer’s Tree Service has been specializing in tree & shrub services in NJ and the surrounding areas. Everything from spraying & fertilizing to landscape design, to planting installation, to tree removal & maintenance we can take care of on every project. This is where the passion lives for our company, and where we established our roots decades ago.

Spraying & Fertilization

We offer a care program for trees and shrubs which consist of an all Season approach to care.
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Plants are the building blocks of beautiful outdoor design. Weaving trees, shrubs and native seashore plantings into your landscape, we carefully select greenery that thrives in the Jersey shore climate—and uniquely defines your space. The outdoor landscaping of your home…

Landscape Maintenance

We understand your investment in your home is of utmost importance to you. That’s why we can tailor a Groundskeeping plan that will not only add more value to your property, but enhance the beauty of it. We can offer…

Cabling & Bracing

We provide expert and safe cable and brace rods, which bring supplemental structural support to your tree. This reduces the risk of weak branches falling and multiple stems forming. Our cables are industry-standard strength steel that is attached to bolts…

Tree & Stump Removal

We're dedicated to helping you remove dead, dying, damaged, dangerous, or unwanted trees from your residential or commercial property. We can provide emergency tree removals, especially after storms.

Snow Plowing

We have the proper equipment and trained crews to safely, quickly and effectively clear snow from driveways and walkways. You can count on us to keep your surfaces clean and safe throughout the winter season.

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