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For over 50 years Brummer’s Tree and Shrub,LLC service has been specializing in tree services in NJ and the surrounding areas. Bob specializes in the landscape planting design, installation, trimming and maintenance. This is where the passion lives for his company, and where we established our roots decades ago. Landscapes That Come Alive Plants are the building blocks of beautiful design. Planting trees, shrubs and native species into your landscape, we carefully select greenery that thrives in the Jersey shore climate—and uniquely defines your space. The outdoor landscaping of your home is integral to its exterior appeal.

Landscapes That Come Alive

The plant variety is one of the most critical parts of a healthy landscape. Bob carefully evaluates your design goals and analyzes your property’s drainage patterns, soil types and overall structure. Expertly recommending groundcover, foliage, trees and shrubs to functionally accent your landscape. Bob bases his plant choices on a blend of size, texture, color, growth habits, water & soil requirements and light/climate tolerance.

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We offer full range of landscaping and planting services that will meet all your needs.


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