Landscape Maintenance

Expert services tending to your property.

Tailored Groundskeeping Plans

From concept to the last shovel of dirt we take care of it all. Bob has 50 years of experience,
and will make the appropriate recommendations for trees and shrubs for your homes need.
Variegation selection, appropriate light and water will make a successful planning and planting.
● Trees/Shrubs & Flowers
● Redesign
● Replacement
● Maintenance plan

Trimming & Pruning

● Trimming for balance and control.
● Removing the deadwood.

Planting & Transplanting

Adding to your already beautiful landscape and highlighting each season we can design and
maintain the plants to add to the homes structure.

● Annual flowers and perennial flowers, container gardens, seasonal urns.


Full-service groundskeeping for your property custom-tailored to your specific wants and needs.


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